Sake Narutotai Shiboritate Nama Genshu 720ml 鳴門鯛吟釀生原酒 (Pre-order)

  • Sake Narutotai Shiboritate Nama Genshu 720ml 鳴門鯛吟釀生原酒 (Pre-order)
『鳴門鯛吟釀鮮釀生原酒』是日本酒中極罕見的鋁罐包裝! 新鮮且華麗的甘甜香氣,品飲感到十分爽口! 初飲感受到梨般的果香,再品則滑過堅果香氣,透過酸味的平衡,與西式料理也十分搭配! 為保留清酒的原汁原味,生原酒未經火入殺菌,生酒的酵母依然十分活躍,所以散發出濃郁的味道,是真正新鮮濃厚的素顏清酒。
"Naruto Taiginjo Freshly Brewed Raw Sake" is an extremely rare Japanese sake packaged in an aluminum can! Fresh and gorgeous sweet aroma, it is very refreshing to drink! When you first drink it, you can feel the pear-like fruity aroma, and then you can taste the nutty aroma. Through the balance of sourness, it also goes well with Western cuisine! In order to retain the original flavor of the sake, the raw sake has not been sterilized by fire, and the yeast of the raw sake is still very active, so it exudes a rich flavor and is a truly fresh and rich plain sake
Alcohol content 18.5 degrees

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Brand 鳴門鯛
Country Japan
Wine Variety Sake
Vintage NV
Size 720ml
Body 酒度 :18.5% Alcohol : 18.5%
Food Pairing Sushi & Sashimi
  • Product Code: SAKE-0013
  • Availability: In Stock
  • HK$178.00 each

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