Louis Latour Bourgogne Aligote 2021

  • Louis Latour Bourgogne Aligote 2021
The Aligoté grape variety is a traditional white grape of Burgundy. It gained historical note in the 1940s when the, then Mayor of Dijon, Canon Felix Kir, expressed such a liking for Aligoté mixed with a measure of crème de cassis that it was named after him. This is a fresh and easy to drink wine. Both approchable and enjoyable. Aligoté葡萄品種是勃根地的傳統白葡萄品種。 它在20 世紀40 年代獲得了歷史地位,當時的第戎市長卡農·菲利克斯·基爾(Canon Felix Kir) 表達了對混合了一定量黑醋栗奶油的Aligoté 的喜愛,並以他的名字命名。 這是一款清新易飲的葡萄酒。 既平易近人又令人愉快。

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Brand Louis Latour
Country France
Region Bourgogne Aligote
Wine Variety Aligote
Vintage 2021
Size 750 ml
Food Pairing Shellfish, Crab, Lobster
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  • HK$165.00 each

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